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  1. Re: A Short History of Lyme
    by inmacdonald » November 19th, 2012, 9:07 am

    Dear Camp,

    I can only guess why Steere's unchallenged authority on "Definer in Chief"
    was challenged when the microbial etiologic agent [now agents]
    was announced in 1982.

    Having been there, I was impressed by the leadership of Dr. Jorge Benach, at the
    State University of New York at Stony Brook, School of Medicine in Long Island, New York.
    Dr Benach is an EIS graduate, but his training was heavily influenced by his years at
    Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID, NIH, Hamilton Montana. Dr. Benach was personally trained
    Dr. Willly Burgdorfer at Rocky Mountain Labs. Dr. Benach is a PhD with many skills in bench
    research, particularly in molecular Biology.

    So it is not unexpected that in the Post spirochetal Era, that Dr Allen Steere would have
    huge gaps in his personal knowledge about the bacteriology of a spirochete
    which was unmasked as THE CAUSE of a Disease which was formerly HIS disease.

    We know that Steere is parsimonious in his admissions concerning the contributions of
    other scientists and other physicians to the ever expanding database on Lyme Disease [Lyme Borreliosis].

    The first "alternate universes" to spring up in the post spirochetal Era were :
    1. Dr Jorge Benach's Lyme Disease research laboratory at the School of Medicine, SUNY, Stony Brook
    2. Southampton Hospital Lyme Disease research group { bench laboratory [MacDonald] and consortium of all members of specialists in clinical medicine of the Clinical Medical Staff} at Southampton Hospital, Southampton, New York.
    3. Dr Willy Burgdorfer , Dr Alan Barbour, and Dr Tom Schwan's Lyme Disease Research Laboratories
    at the Rocky Mountain laboratory,in Hamilton,Montana.
    These post spirochetal arenas devoted to the Study of Lyme Disease, were the first to
    challenge the "Territorial Imperatives" of Steere.
    [space limitations preclude more discussion
    which can be viewed on LNE forum on the web]

    It became clear in the earliest Post spirochetal years, that Steere's Connecticut and Rheumatology preponderant clinical views, were in need of augmentation.

    The COMBINED Intelligence from all of these early research groups functioning autonomously and often
    at variance with the dogmas of Dr. Allen Steere, advanced the knowledge of the pathobiology of
    Lyme disease [Lyme Borreliosis]

    So COMBINED INTELLIGENCE from many dedicated and talented individuals has advanced the knowledge
    about Lyme borreliosis in the Post spirochetal era.

    Lyme in the Pre - spirochetal times May have been Steere's.
    Lyme in the Post-spirochetal time has become OURS.

    Alan B.MacDonald MD

  2. Thank you for your comment, Dr. MacDonald. That gives me more insight into the history of different research teams working on Lyme disease.

    To those reading: I believe Dr. MacDonald's comment refers to this entry:



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