What To Expect Here

This page is just a general summary of what you can expect to find on this blog and what you probably will not expect to find on this blog:

What You Will Find On This Blog:
  • Links to and commentary on articles and letters from online media about Lyme disease and coinfections.
  • Discussion about recent and older abstracts on Lyme disease research published in scientific journals.
  • Links to and commentary on issues related to tickborne illness and their treatment, such as secondary infections including C. difficile, antibiotic resistance, research on bacterial and viral communication and mechanisms, bacteriophages, and many other related topics.
  • Announcements of blogs found online which may be of interest to Lyme disease patients and researchers.
  • Speculation about Borrelia burgdorferi and other Borrelia as well as coinfections, along with citations on which such speculation is based. 
  • Links to reliable microbiology and molecular biology blogs and resources where one can learn more about scientific controversies and speculation from professionals working in the field.
  • Information and research which supports different models for the cause of persisting symptoms after treatment of Lyme disease (and coinfections). This means that immune dysregulation and autoimmunity are discussed and considered alongside chronic infection as potential causes for persisting symptoms. Hell, let's look at everything.
  • Colorful language. Some content may not be suitable for young children. However, most young children will not understand much of the content of this blog to begin with, and lose interest almost immediately in favor of the Disney Channel.
  • Commentary on aspects of the Lyme disease patient experience and dealing with how Lyme disease and patients are portrayed within the Lyme disease patient community.
  • Writings on the politics and funding of research on Lyme disease.
  • Administrative updates from the blog owner about new additions and changes to the web site.
  • Some tips on how to cope as a patient and engage in your own research.

What You Might Find On This Blog:

  • Discussion about how specific alternative treatments came to be used to treat Lyme disease and coinfections and the hypotheses behind using such treatments.
  • Scientific research on individual supplements and herbs that look promising.
  • Writing about the impact of Lyme disease on patients socially, physically, financially, and emotionally.
  • Criticism of both "sides" of the Lyme controversy.
  • Rants.

What You Are NOT Likely To Find On This Blog:

  • Conspiracy theory discussion. This is not really the place for it, and if you want that, you can find many other sites elsewhere that discuss conspiracy theories.
  • Blanket statements about pharmaceuticals, doctors, LLMDs, scientists, alternative medicine, etc. - specificity is important.
  • Ad hominem attacks - readers, keep the name calling and insults down to a dull roar and back your statements with evidence.
  • Recommendations for a specific Lyme disease treatment protocol. This blog is not a doctor, and its purpose is not to hand out medical advice - even though information here may lead to suggestions as to what patients have tried for treatment.

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