Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2 Brief remarks on an older post about forum rules

I am somewhat puzzled that of all that I have posted here thus far, a post on forum posting rules I do not understand is one that continues to get a fair number of hits.

Why do people think this post is so interesting? I think Kary Mullis' Altermune research is way more interesting than that. To each his own, I guess.

Anyway... I've revisited this issue on a forum thread recently, and those who responded seemed to have not read what I wrote in the first place, and responded that I should know why LLMDs need to have their identities protected and know about the film, Under Our Skin.

I do know about why, and I have seen the film. Twice. I had a copy of the disk, which is now in the hands of a therapist who counsels people with disabilities and chronic illness.

Since my point seems to have gotten lost somehow, I will explain what I think about forum posting rules about LLMDs here once more in more abbreviated terms:
It seems to me that it makes more sense to use the term "My LLMD" or "My MD" when posting to a forum about someone giving me medical treatment, and more sense to use the term "An LLMD" or "An MD" when posting about a medical doctor who is not mine. 
Given that there is a small number of doctors who are LLMDs, I do not think that using an initial alone or an initial and a state is adequate privacy - if your goal is privacy. Those who are familiar with doctors who have already been in the spotlight may figure it out, and those who are patients may try to figure out which doctor is being discussed. 
Other mailing lists have used the above approach with great success and it removes confusion over what posters should do.

My rules for my own blog are somewhat modified to allow for mentions in the media and publications.

Alrighty then.

Next post coming up: An overview of Syphilis and vaccines


  1. I really can't understand when I can't use the name of a doctor when I am talking about what they said publicly.

    If I am saying a doctor said something in Under Our Skin and they then delete his name, I find that ridiculous.

    John S


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