Saturday, January 8, 2011

0 Pain & Suffering

I'm in more pain lately. Suffering. Not drinking the scotch. Yet.

This brings something to mind that I saw last year, and if you've suffered a lot of pain, perhaps you can relate to it...

There is this hilarious writer, Allie Brosh, who draws manic childish drawings to illustrate her stories for her site, "Hyperbole and a half".

In this story about her boyfriend, she talks about how the original "faces of pain" scale in the doctor's office and ER is inadequate to describe pain, and creates her own.

I'm posting an image of part of her version of the "faces of pain" scale here, and I recommend reading her entire post on the scale - believe me, just seeing the image alone does not give you a sense of her post. You also might want to check out other posts Allie Brosh has made...

PS: My pain is between a 6 and a 7 as of this writing, but you'd have to go to her pain scale post to see exactly what that means...


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