Thursday, June 23, 2011

0 Blog Log: My Lyme Disease Story

I wanted to point out a relatively new Lyme disease blog on the block, My Lyme Disease Story.

The author has been a practicing MD who was bitten by a tick somewhere inside of Yosemite in 2010, developed the EM rash and other symptoms, was undertreated, and eventually sought the care of an LLMD.

I usually don't write much about personal blogs, tending to focus on science-oriented ones instead - but this is a rare occasion to see how a doctor approaches the same conditions and illnesses their patients must face. So far, she is facing Lyme disease with blunt honesty and eloquence - her recent description of suicidal ideation is a well-written post on the darker nights and thoughts of many living with pain and loss of functionality.

This most recent entry is a hard read and not for the faint of heart - it may prove triggery for some:

I recommend not stopping there, and reading all entries to date.

And if you are reading this and are a Lyme disease/tickborne illness patient, please stop by and offer words of support and encouragement - as well as your knowledge and experience. This is the beginning for her and I hope she does well and recovers soon.


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