Friday, October 7, 2011

4 Admin Update: Scavenger Hunt Extension, Vote On Topics, Busyness

To my readers:

Hope you have been having a decent week and that this weekend is a good one, too.

As for me... I have been either busy or markedly unwell during the past week and a half, thus the slow down in posting frequency here.

I think there's a correlation there, too: Any time I do not get enough rest and push a little more than I should, I end up paying for it.  This has been what has happened recently, and today I had a really hard time getting out of bed.

Hopefully this weekend will be better.

Lyme Disease Research Scavenger Hunt Announcement

Regarding the Lyme Disease Research Scavenger Hunt, I am giving participants an additional week. Please submit your entries for Round Three no later than next Friday, October 14th, 12 am Hawaiian Time.

After the 14th, if no entries have been submitted for Round Four, I will post the answers for both Round Three and Round Four.

I expect the game will have a few more rounds through November, at which point the winner will get to pick the topic of their choice related to Lyme disease and coinfections which I will hand illustrate.

Request For Feedback: Vote For One Of Next Week's Post Topics

I'm outlining some upcoming topics for new posts and would like to hear from feedback from you.

Which of the following are of the most interest to you? How would you rank them in order of importance?

  1. Why is (or isn't) neuroborreliosis a big problem?
  2. Commentary: Scientific rigor and providing evidence for chronic Lyme disease
  3. Commentary: Why (and how) contracting Lyme disease has driven me crazy
  4. Lyme disease animal studies
  5. Part 2:The Value of Anecdotal Evidence (Here's a link to Part 1.)
  6. Other: _________________ (topic YOU think is important to read about)

Keeping it simple for now, narrowing it down to these few choices.

Okay, I'm going to call it a night. I'm tired.


  1. I like all your ideas for topics - and hope you'll be able to continue posting. I love your blog - it is one of the most sane Lyme sites on the web, if not the most sane and balanced.

    What I wonder is - do we have enough information and diagnostic tools to be able to design useful studies on Lyme?

    - we can't tell reliably who has it or doesn't
    - the manifestations of Lyme in each person can be different and based on complications of co-infections and the genetic predisposition of the person to exaggerated inflammatory response
    - then there is the pesky post-Lyme-Syndrome/Chronic Lyme issue of whether there is infection or post-infection inflammation

    So, you may have covered it already, but I am interested in hearing about ideas for scientific studies - where is the research most needed?


  2. Hi Misty,

    Thanks for your comment. You have a very good question, and some good points to make. I'm going to attempt to make your comment into the basis for a post.

    My short answer is yes - I do think useful studies on Lyme can be designed. I think some of what would be most useful would be to extend the duration of existing studies particularly on Borrelia burgdorferi and other Borrelia in general. I'll get to that in more detail in my post, though.

  3. Hi Camp Other,

    I just stumbled across your blog. I've recently become interested in sharing my story and I want to follow others. Your blog seems really nice. I hope to learn from here. I just turned 17 so my mom has pretty much done all the research and work with my LLMD. I just give them updates.


  4. Hi Zach,

    Welcome to Camp Other. Thank you for checking out the blog, glad you are getting something positive out of it. Do you have a web site about your story we can look at?

    I am sorry that you have contracted Lyme disease, and at a young age, too. I hope that with help and time you are feeling better.

    If there's any particular post or posts that you've read here that most interested you, let me know. Also, if there are any topics you would like to see discussed but haven't yet, mention them and I'll see what I can do about writing a post on them.

    My warning about the above, though: I can't promise when a new post will be published for a number of reasons. Lately the main reason is I haven't been doing so well, so my plans to post more often on a regular basis have been delayed. Still, I will make an attempt to try to get a post or two up here every week.


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