Friday, October 28, 2011

6 ILADS 2011 Conference

I was kinda expecting that at some point, this sign would show up on my feed:

No Burrascano. Missed part of Maloney. Horowitz was also MIA. Only got to see part of Jones, as I'd already taken a coffee break.

Maybe tomorrow will be better if I can haul myself out of bed early on a Saturday... If.

More on this event in the future - especially if there is more to see.


  1. Maybe I'll log in from Paris tomorrow so I won't have to get up so early...

  2. There are three on U Tube this is one then look to the right hand list for two others

  3. Thanks, Joanne. I wish that they would just leave the videos online at the ILADS site indefinitely for patients - just like the Institute of Medicine workshop did last year. We don't even get to see all the sessions because the breakout sessions are not shown live for patients and only recorded for the CD set.

  4. Yes, why don't they leave it on their site?
    Half the people have to work.

    John S

  5. John S,

    Good point, although most people do not work on the weekend so a sizeable amount of the conference could be seen had the videostream been working consistently over the weekend.

    It's my opinion that whatever sessions are broadcast live should be available online for free indefinitely and those sessions which were not broadcast and more physician-oriented should be available for a fee.

  6. Oh, I thought they were having it during the week again. They did that once and I haven't paid attention since.

    John S


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