Monday, January 16, 2012

0 Dr. Alan MacDonald Discussing Spirochetal Biofilms on LNE

There are a series of discussions going on right now on Lymenet Europe I want to point out.

It looks like Dr. Alan Macdonald is having an involved exchange about biofilms in different spirochetes with someone (Henry) who has identified as a microbiologist in previous entries.

You might want to check out this thread now:

Biofilms of still yet spirochetal type - Treponema:

Also follow the following related threads:

Structure of Biofilms of Borrelia Lecture link:

Biofilms of yet another spirochetal species - Leptospira:

I would like to see more doctors and microbiologists engage in discussion about Borrelia and other spirochetes more often - especially if the implications have an impact on translational medicine and clinical outcome. Obviously some of this discussion is going to be purely speculative, but it is interesting to hear different points of view.


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