Sunday, January 29, 2012

0 Poll: Cause Of Post Treatment Lyme Disease Symptoms

A couple months ago, a non-scientific poll was placed on the site which asked readers to select from a number of choices for what they think causes post treatment Lyme disease symptoms: persistent infection, an autoimmune disorder, b-cell dysfunction, all of the above, and none of the above.

During the two months the poll was open, only 18 votes were cast by readers who were given the option to select more than one response. 

This time, the poll will be open again with the same question - and in the interest of collecting more votes,  the poll will be open to voting for one year. Also, additional choices will be given (molecular mimicry, metabolic disorder, and immunosuppression) for readers to select. After the poll is closed, the results will be reported and further discussion of each of these choices will go on.

As it stands, of the 18 responses given in two months' time from the old poll, 10 responses stated that post treatment lyme disease symptoms are caused by a persistent infection, 3 stated that they are caused by an autoimmune disorder, one stated they are caused by a b-cell dysfunction, and 7 stated they are caused by all of the above.

We'll see what kind of responses are received on the new poll as time goes on...

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