Tuesday, July 3, 2012

0 WBUR Series: Living With Lyme

On June 26, 2012, WBUR, Boston's NPR (National Public Radio) station, 90.9, began publishing a series, "Living With Lyme", on their website.

The series of articles are accompanied by free downloadable podcasts and sometimes photos and slideshows. In addition to these articles, a live streaming video discussion on Lyme disease was broadcast on June 28 and is available online in its archives.

Additional Lyme disease related articles continue to be published on WBUR after the initial series was posted.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the articles published in the "Living With Lyme" series, from the oldest to the newest post:

Resource List - Lyme Disease:

In Lincoln, It's Town Vs. Ticks:

Map: Lyme Disease Cases In Mass., By Town:

A Long, Painful Battle With Lyme Disease:

The Debate Over 'Chronic' Lyme Disease:

What To Do If You Think You've Been Exposed To Lyme Disease:

Why Your Dog Can Get Vaccinated For Lyme Disease And You Can't:

Some Cape Residents Worry Tourists Aren’t Taking Precautions To Prevent Lyme:

How Much Lyme Disease Are We Living With?:

Lyme Disease Complicates Doctor-Patient Relationship:

The Complexities Of Diagnosing Lyme Disease:

Emerging Tick-Borne Diseases Causing Concern In Mass.:

For a series on Lyme disease, it is surprising how few patients have left comments on a number of these posts to date. It's been my observation that most of the time, patients participate in commenting on articles about Lyme disease and ticks far more frequently than this series has been responded to so far.

There are a few exceptions, such as the vaccine thread, which I commented on some days ago and which is still receiving more new comments. Sometimes the comments are more informative than the article itself, so they are worth a look. (Other times, they are educational only as a magnifying lens under which one can view other people's psychology... use your judgment, do your own research, and weigh the evidence linked to what people have to state.)

Here is the link to the Special Lyme Disease Panel Discussion (online streaming video):

Panelists include:
  • Dr. Thomas N. Mather, a.k.a. the TickGuy, conducts public education programs on tick-borne illnesses
  • Rep. David Linsky, sponsored the bill that created a state commission on Lyme disease
  • Dr. Sheila Statlender, a clinical psychologist and advocate for Lyme disease patients
And just today, an additional article was posted about tracking Lyme disease:


A lot of thought-provoking articles to read at WBUR, with some thought-provoking comments in response. Check it out...


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