Thursday, February 3, 2011

0 Administrivia: Site redesign

Just a quick heads-up to everyone reading:

If the page layout, colors, and design seem to be mutating like an amoeba on acid during the course of the day next day or two, please do not be alarmed.

I am in the middle of changing the site's appearance and gadgets, after getting some feedback from a few users.

I'm always more concerned about getting information out there than I am about the site's design, but the feedback was useful and was about usability as much as it was about window-dressing.  If these changes make it a more enjoyable experience for them and others then I'm willing to try the changes and see how it goes.

As for updating content on the site, I'm working on more topical posts but my writing has been slowed down by being ill lately. Tweaking the design takes less effort when ill than writing does, as it turns out.

I hope that you, my "patient minions" (see right sidebar), will be patient. More posts coming during this week unless I happen to feel worse than I am now.



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