Monday, February 21, 2011

0 Free Video Lectures & Podcasts: UC Berkeley Molecular and Cell Biology

For those of you who use iTunes to download podcasts and have the ability to learn by listening - or hope to absorb information through repetition and osmosis - there are FREE audio podcasts on Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley you can download from iTunes.

There are also some video podcasts of the classes available on iTunes and both audio and video podcasts can be found on UC Berkeley's webcast site.

If you're new to studying biology, I highly recommend starting with a basic biology course first, - such as this Biology 1A lecture at Berkeley and/or these Biology video podcasts from MIT - then this class:

Molecular and Cell Biology 110, 001|Fall 2009|UC Berkeley
by Qiang ZHOU, qing zhong, Thomas C. ALBER
Download up to 41 classes (start with session 1 at bottom of podcast list!)

Followed by its more advanced class:

Molecular and Cell Biology 130, 001|Spring 2009|UC Berkeley

by Randy W SCHEKMAN, Kunxin LUO, David G. DRUBIN
Download up to 42 classes (start with session 1 at bottom of podcast list!)

If you do not have iTunes, you can also go directly to UC Berkeley's webcast site and WATCH and listen to these classroom lectures for free, on a variety of topics.

I realize this may be challenging for many Lyme patients dealing with cognitive issues and "brain fog", but I put the information out there because it can be useful to learn to decipher the studies and research you may come across from the IDSA, ILADS, and other groups. Knowledge is power, and the great things about these videocasts and podcasts are:
  • You can play and replay each podcast as often as you like.
  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • You can share these links with others and talk about what they learned at their pace.
  • You can watch some and listen to others - work with your best learning style.
  • They are absolutely FREE - do you have any idea how much each unit at UC Berkeley costs?


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