Wednesday, February 9, 2011

0 Quiz Time! Who's in the logo?

Edit: I'm really surprised you folks are quiet on this one... I'm going to delay releasing my next post and give this another 24 hours for you to guess who's in the new Camp Other logo. 

Okay, the old logo just wasn't working for me... This one might need a little tweaking, but I think it's mostly the right idea for this blog.

Say goodbye to the old beach tent...

And hello to the new logo above.

So... just for fun: Who is in the new logo?

I'm going to leave this up for 24 hours and see how many of you can identify any or all of the people in The Swamp (that should be a clue, right there - I can't imagine that you won't get at least three right off the bat).

Extra bonus points for noting three items not normally found in The Swap which were added to this image.

On your marks... get set... GO!



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