Saturday, March 19, 2011

0 Administrivia: Notes & Future Topics

Just popping in here for a moment amid fighting off some strange viral infection to leave a few short notes for my readers:

  • When I'm feeling particularly unwell above and beyond my usual unwell, posting frequency may slow down. I'll try to give advance notice in comments or in a post like this one.
  • Here's your notice: My posting frequency is slowing down now because I'm unwell.
  • In general, new posts are less likely to be made during the weekend. What do I mean by "weekend" given everyone reading is in different time zones? Refer to island time.
  • If I'm near a computer, I will check comments in the moderation queue during the weekend and post them.
  • I may or may not respond to comments during weekends.
  • Friday Four posts are sometimes posted as late as midnight Friday, Honolulu time (-10 h UTC/GMT).
  • Reader comment & mailbag has included the following requests for further discussion: the immune system and how to build it, alternative medicine, XMRV, Morgellons, and the effectiveness of canine Borrelia blood tests.
  • I plan to write an entry or two on each of these topics in the future. There is no guarantee on how soon each will be addressed. The timeline for each is dependent on my health, availability, other preexisting or newsworthy posts already in the pipeline, and the amount of time needed for additional reading and research to address each issue.
  • Lymenet Europe has some interesting threads on Lyme disease organizations throughout Europe. I recommend viewing some of them, as well as guidelines different countries use. Tip: If you use the Chrome browser, you can translate web sites in other languages into English with a click of a button.
And now your moment of patient experience zen... This is something I think about when I get sick or am more symptomatic than usual - maybe some of you reading along will see yourself in it, too:

All I have to add for now. I'm going to lie down.


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