Saturday, March 19, 2011

0 The Daily Kos Speaks...

At the end of the most recent edition of Friday Four I wrote about the Daily Kos' Lyme Disease Awareness series I'd found online.

I found some of the comments and content of interest, so I posted the links I'd found with some speculation about this year's upcoming Lyme Disease Awareness series, and lo and behold, someone from the Daily Kos stopped by to leave me a comment on the Friday Four post.

I copied it to this post for anyone who might be interested in the series and would want to sign up for a Daily Kos account to comment on posts there.

One disclaimer before reading:

Posting the link to the Daily Kos Lyme Disease Awareness series should not be regarded as an endorsement by Camp Other for all content and comments posted there. The below information is provided simply to let readers know about it and check it out.


Hey Camp Other!

Thanks for the shoutout about the Lyme Disease Awareness series on Daily Kos!

Our 2009 and 2010 series can be found:

Any of you who read Daily Kos know that DK4 was just released, and now there's better formatting for groups, so the link for Lyme Disease Awareness for 2011 will be found here:

The new series for this May is under development and we're excited about it - contributors are both DK members and guests. Diaries will cover a wide range of topics related to Lyme from dealing with ticks in a back yard to how being able to choose one's heath care is a fundamental part of personal democracy to the similarities of spirochete cousins, syphilis and Borrelia burgdorferi.

Am hoping you have a DK UID and shoot a message over there - would love it if you'd cross post a diary as part of our series!

Really like what you've done with your place over here.

Happy Healing,



I'm not sure whether or not I am going to take them up on the invitation to write for them yet. I think it's a sure thing to say that I'm going to wait until I feel better to decide.


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