Tuesday, May 10, 2011

4 Daily Kos Posting Today At 7PM EST

Will be posted at 7 PM EST (6 PM CST,  4 PM PST, 1 PM HAST).

Tonight's entry will be a rant about polarized discussions online about Lyme disease.

To read all the Lyme Disease Awareness diaries for the month of May at Daily Kos, check out:

My post might lead to some disagreements and insights - either way, I hope discussion is fruitful (in a good way).


  1. Rant on you skeptical but optimistic sufferer of the non-existent yet chronically manifested malady otherwise known as Lyme's!
    It made sense as I thought it, but in hindsight it too is polarized and contradictory.

    You make a good point with your apple and orange dialog--it's hard to believe those are actual names of fruit. I agree that the polarized back and forth opining is counter-productive. I get the feeling that the corporate media intentionally fuels the flames to keep the public equally divided because it is more profitable...there is not much news in universal agreement.

    There is another bonus to keeping an open mind, and that is the aspect of humor. I received an email from my brother that made me both laugh and think about the humorous perspective of reality. You might get a laugh too, I posted a blog with the email text at LAADD. Check it out if you time. I hope the the href tag works, I used your link to learn how it works. Thanks

  2. Hey Just Koz,

    I see you made it to the Daily Kos... any relationship there? You're only off by a letter. Might be a cousin of yours who came in from Ellis Island and they changed the spelling.

    Anyway... Yes, I have a special condition, and it is known as Schrödinger's Lyme disease. It is the only known label for my condition that has been found acceptable by both skeptics and geeky Lyme disease patients with persisting symptoms.

    What do you think? Use it yourself if you like it. It's growing on me (and in me)... maybe...

    Yes, I looked up the names of different varieties of fruit after the editor suggested I somehow name the fruit to make it clear to readers that each of three exchanges were between three different pairs (not pears) of people. Originally, all of them simply said "Party Apple" or "Party Orange" (Party on, Wayne... Party on, Garth). The editor asked me to change them to differentiate them, and well - I looked up different varieties of apples and oranges and was astonished to find names that seemed suitable (at least in part) for the roles they were playing (fruit rolls?).

    (A derivative work in the future may take on the appearance of a fruit salad... but I digress.)

    Humor - yes, a sense of humor is necessary, I think, for dealing with some very serious issues in life at times. Lyme disease will make the strongest man cry because the pain can be so relentless, and finding a way to laugh at the situation when one isn't crying is a good way to cope. I have bad movies to watch and stupid video games to play that make me laugh - that and I have the company of my friends on occasion who are just a bit off the wall.

    Thanks for the link - I may check it out tomorrow because right now I need to get off this computer and rest.

  3. No relation, Just Koz evolved from my correspondence with a cousin which I often signed off with Just Cuz. In hindsight I think Just Koz sounds to lofty for a humble sole like me, nevertheless, I am what I am...Just Koz (Just Cuz).

    Schrödinger's Lyme disease, how fitting--was it you who liked cats? In this case a cat with an uncertain future. I know the feeling well. Of course I had to Google it and the humble sole that I am first clicked on the sixth grade explanation. I would like to encourage your followers to also Google Schrödinger's equation to help them better understand some of the problems science has faced for centuries with no solution in sight.

    Really, aren't we all just fish (some big, some not) swimming in an ocean of ignorance hoping to uncover enough knowledge to keep us from being consumed by the unknown?

  4. We are still fish to some degree, Just Kos.


    Your Inner Fish. It's a very interesting book on how our own bodies still have the structures that our evolutionary ancestors had - including fish.


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