Wednesday, May 25, 2011

0 Daily Kos Posting Tomorrow At 6:30 PM EST

Please note that another entry will be posted on the Daily Kos tomorrow, May 26, Thursday at around 6:30 PM EST in observance of Lyme Disease Awareness month.

That is: 12:30 HST,  3:30 PM PST, 22.30 UTC (GMT)

The topic for this Daily Kos posting is going to be Long Term Antibiotic Treatment and asks why this is considered a controversial treatment for persisting symptoms of chronic Lyme disease as well as its named counterpart, Post-Lyme Disease Syndrome.

Check it out tomorrow at the below link - and comment there if you have a Daily Kos account:

As an extended side note, there will be discussion on the long term use of antibiotics to treat acne - and related to this, I really find this dialog on a Medscape transcript for a medical education credit class, "Long-term Oral Antibiotics for Acne: Focus on Safety (Slides With Transcript)" to be interesting and totally apropos to tomorrow's post:

Dr. Eichenfield: Yeah, and many times in practice I actually have the discussion with the patient where I've said, "Look, we don't want you on long-term antibiotics if we can help it. You're doing great." We have a decision to make here, and it's really a binary decision. Try to get them off the oral antibiotic at that time substituting topical or rolling it on a few more months. Depending upon how severe their disease was previously, I wouldn't mind another 2 or 3 months on balance in taking care of that patient.

Dr. Thiboutot: I think you really have to go by what their disease is telling you. That's absolutely important.

See the entire transcript and thumbnails from the slideshow at:

It's definitely food for thought when thinking about approaching the treatment of persisting symptoms of Lyme disease from different angles.


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