Thursday, September 15, 2011

2 Tom Grier Speaks On Coast To Coast

Tom Grier spoke on the AM radio show, Coast to Coast, early this morning. Tom Grier has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and has a BS in Chemistry and Biology and an MS in Medical Microbiology (Immunology) from the University of Minnesota.

Tom says:
"The main point is that Lyme gets into the brain, we can't test for it, and all the brain studies are done by physicians on their own nickel. We can get millions from the CDC and NIH for deer and tick studies but nothing for studies that prove the experts wrong and the patients are disabled by this disease."

Here is part one of that interview [No video; audio only.]:

The remainder of these videos (Part 3 and Part 4) can be found on Youtube.

Many additional (older) articles written by Tom Grier are available here:

Tom Grier has been working on a Lyme disease documentary for the past year and a half... I'm hoping to hear more about this.


  1. I greatly appreciate your blog. Fresh air and truly value added in the vast ocean of information on Lyme. You may be interested in knowing of the May 2010, BC Government report titled Chronic Lyme Disease in British Columbia by Brian T. Schmidt. It is available via PDF at Dr. Murakami's website: & also at

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for stopping by. I am trying to put together a site that is more signal than noise, but occasionally I admit to making my own noise. I'll try to keep it below a dull roar, though. And without conspiracy theories.

    Was the above government report posted to the newspaper online in Canada? Because if so, I think I read it some time ago - I admit that I don't recall all the specifics now. Thanks for sharing the link so I can look into it again.


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