Friday, March 2, 2012

0 Embers et al Rhesus Macaque Study Correction Issued

This is a quick but important update on the Embers et al Rhesus Macaque study, "Persistence of Borrelia burgdorferi in Rhesus Macaques following Antibiotic Treatment of Disseminated Infection", and mention of the controversial use of ceftiofur rather than ceftriaxone:

The authors have issued a correction on PLoSONE. They had used ceftriaxone throughout the study and did not use ceftiofur at all.

Much debate arose on the Lyme Policy Wonk blog about something which was probably an honest mistake.

MicrobeFan of Spirochetes Unwound thought that might have been the case, having pointed out that "ceftiofur" was only mentioned once in the paper - whereas "ceftriaxone" was mentioned several times.

"Damn you, auto correct!" Except most of us, I suspect, do not have ceftiofur in our dictionaries by default...


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