Tuesday, March 27, 2012

0 The Wall Street Journal On The Increase Of Tickborne Diseases

Today, Laura Landro of the Wall Street Journal published an article in its Life & Culture section on "This Season's Ticking Time Bomb: Warm Weather Means Ticks Will Be Out Early; A 'Horrific' Season for Lyme and Other Diseases."

It sounds like a sensationalized piece from the title at first - but it's not. It's straightforward reporting on how this year the number of tickborne diseases will be on the rise due to earlier warm temperatures and how to protect your yourself and your family through interactive advice.

Laura's article outlines the typical topics around Lyme disease: symptoms, the difficulty of early diagnosis and treatment, the rising number of cases reported to the CDC over the past decade, and the steps one can take to prevent contracting Lyme disease.

There is also mention of a CDC study on the use of sprays to limit tick population and how a Connecticut scientist sets Japanese barberry on fire to remove it as a source of ticks' sheltering habitat.

For more information, check out Laura's article on the WSJ here:


In addition to this article, Laura Landro also wrote a blog entry in the Health section, "Doctors Clash Over Best Treatments for Lyme Disease", which discusses the IDSA's treatment guidelines approach (short, and possibly not sweet) and ILADS treatment approach (in for the long haul) for patients with persisting symptoms.

In the blog, Paul Mead of the CDC, Leo J. Shea III of ILADS, and Kristin Schofield, founder of a central New York chapter of the Empire State Lyme Disease Association, are all interviewed.

Read and comment on her blog entry here, as I did:



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